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  • from WolberM am 07.02.2020
    very good

    The technical solutions and advice provided by LostnFound are excellent and can be recommended without reservation. We operate about 90 devices and are very satisfied

  • from U. Siedlitzki megra ravensburg eG am 30.01.2020
    very pleased

    A reliable partner for many years.

  • From Saxer Christian am 28.01.2020
    CS TRANS Egerkingen

    nice friendly team, you will always be served as soon as possible. Will buy my tracking equipment only here.

  • From ukeig am 13.01.2020
    It worked out perfectly

    Everything worked out perfectly. The device will arrive in the next few days. I can’t wait to see what I can do with it.

  • from ukeigel am 07.01.2020
    Good contact. Good entry

    I promptly received a positive reply to my mail inquiry. I already know the device. It is a good product.

  • from SanTecTradeGmbH am 03.01.2020
    very good service

    uncomplicated and fast customer service.

  • from Mr. Fleet am 13.12.2019
    LostnFound Evaluation

    We are generally satisfied with the service. The site survey could be a little more accurate.

  • from DeGa am 15.11.2019

    Everything good, thank you

  • from Föckersperger am 12.11.2019
    TOP product and service

    The technical solutions, installation service and advice provided by LostnFound are excellent and can be recommended without reservation.

  • Von Meibeck am 05.11.2019
    Very good service, best product!!

    We are very satisfied with Lostnfound!!

  • Von Ch. Hochstrasser am 24.10.2019
    Works perfectly for years

    I have been a customer for 10 years and always very satisfied. Also the telephone support is always competent and obliging and always attainable without large waiting.

  • Von M.Fischer am 20.10.2019
    If you want something…

    Hello, we have become aware of the offer because we have currently installed a solution that does not completely satisfy us. The previous handling with you is exemplary, although the countless mails from you have filled my mailbox with the reminders. But if you want something, then you have to get stuck in the back! […]

  • From Adorf Omnibusse - Düsseldorf am 18.10.2019
    LOSTnFOUND Positioning

    We currently only use real-time location and route reports for our bus fleet and are very satisfied with the information available. These data are very helpful for subsequent analysis of operating times and routes. In addition, the display and storage of the ignition on/off status is very useful.

  • From M.Adam am 15.10.2019
    Extremely satisfied

    We are a branch of a nationwide acting security service and have been using 2 different types of lostnfound devices for several years for tasks in the monitoring area of vehicle movements and goods flows. We are extremely satisfied with the use of these devices and the fast location transfer and report sending. Hereby we […]

  • From SAS PINHEIRO am 07.10.2019

    We recommend, effective and good follow-up


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