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  • From Hänggi am 12.04.2019
    Very satisfied

    Lost n Found has advised us very competently and the whole process is highly professional.

  • From Gasser am 09.04.2019
    Live tracking with LnF

    We have been working with the live tracking of LnF for more than 2 years now – for trucks with tacho data transmission, transport buses (3.5/t) as well as passenger cars (pool vehicles) – and are very satisfied with it. The only thing that would be desirable in the evaluations would be more “user individuality”.

  • From Murat Atalas am 18.03.2019

    Top Service Top Quality Top Consulting Even the manager personally takes care of the customer I can only recommend it*****

  • By Anita Mayer, Key Account, BFS Business Fleet Service GmbH am 11.03.2019
    The best price-performance ratio for many years

    We have been using the LOSTnFOUND system in our rental fleet for many years and are still convinced of the price-performance ratio and the flexible, friendly cooperation.

  • From USi am 07.03.2019

    That’s an excellent fit!

  • From U. Siedlitzki megra ravensburg eG am 27.02.2019
    Tracking in our vehicle fleet

    We have been using geo and driving data in our fleet for many years and are very satisfied with it. Recently we have extended the tracking on different vehicles. We read the DTCO data directly into our system. This saves a lot of time compared to reading via DLK. And we also recently started reading […]

  • From Aubec CarParts, Lennestadt am 26.02.2019
    Aubec CarParts,

    Great product, very good and friendly service. Works great. We are very satisfied.

  • From FeHo am 20.02.2019
    lost discovery

    good handling, easy handling, everything very satisfactory

  • From Muhammed Vilic, SVT Logistik AG am 04.02.2019
    Probably the best tracking service provider in Switzerland

    As a transport company I can warmly recommend LOSTnFOUND AG. The decision to switch from the system of our vehicle supplier to LOSTnFOUND AG was relatively easy, among other things because of the extremely friendly support. As a customer you feel valued and taken seriously. We switch all vehicles to your system and can thus […]

  • From NVAG Logistik GmbH am 30.01.2019
    !! Super service!

    Very competent and nice service staff! An exchange of hardware ran 100% to our satisfaction I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable telematics solution.

  • By Haldemann Matthias am 16.01.2019

    Speditive processing

  • From Föckersperger am 14.01.2019
    very good

    we can only recommend the support as well as the portal and the function of the lostnfound devices! TOP!

  • From eel am 16.09.2018
    Alves Services Ltd.

    super service and reliable

  • By Anita Mayer, Key Account, BFS Business Fleet Service GmbH am 20.08.2018
    Years of great cooperation

    We have been using the LOSTnFOUND devices in our vehicle fleet for many years and are still completely satisfied with the products and the service.

  • By Thomas Lückerath am 20.07.2018
    Low-priced and good

    We have been using LostnFound for years and are very satisfied. Super service, nice staff. Installation quite simple…. We can only recommend LostnFound to others.


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