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  • By MSG Krandienst am 16.11.2022

    As always very satisfied, top devices.

  • By Brunner am 22.09.2022
    Very clear

    The transmitters have worked flawlessly for years and the overview is also very well solved.

  • By EP Transporte am 05.09.2022
    Lost n Found

    Works great, super service!

  • By MSG am 25.08.2022

    LostnFound’s technical solutions and advice are excellent and can be recommended without reservation. We operate over 100 devices and are very satisfied.

  • By ABS Solution GmbH am 16.08.2022

    We are very satisfied with the Lost n Found tracking system. The service and help is great!

  • By Sabine am 10.08.2022
    Super Ortung

    Our company has been using LOSTnFOUND devices for over 10 years. We are very satisfied with them and have also currently decided to buy another device. Now there are 16 pieces in the number, which are used in vehicles and technology. Fast access to PC and cell phone. The evaluation is simple and transparent.

  • By Michael Hartmann am 03.08.2022
    Evaluation LostnFound

    PILEUSrdl in use

  • By Containerdienst Niefern GmbH am 03.08.2022
    JC Heck

    Very helpful. Here the service is right. Even with problems you have a personal contact on the phone who is happy to help.

  • By MSG am 18.07.2022
     Very reliable provider of tracking devices 

    We have over 100 devices in use and are very satisfied.

  • By F. Bormann am 14.07.2022
     Purchase contract 

    A purchase contract was concluded, the devices were sent to me directly, everything without complications.

  • By Toriello GmbH am 12.07.2022
    TOP service und TOP devices

    We are very satisfied with the service and with the devices (a total of 7 pieces) , it works without problems. from 10 points we would give smooth 10 points . Continue so…. Greeting from Swabia

  • By FZTJud am 12.07.2022
     Perfect solution 

    We have been looking into tracking our rental car fleet and have reviewed several products. We decided to go with LostnFound because their products meet our needs and they are also available at a fair price. A big thank you to the sales team, who advised us very well and also provided us with test […]

  • By STS GmbH am 09.06.2022
    LostnFound AG

    Very good service provider !!!

  • By Marc Wolber am 13.05.2022
    Very good telematics system 

    We use several products from LostnFound for tracking our vehicles. We have over 100 devices in operation. The installation was done within 20 minutes, the setup online was also easy to do. We are very satisfied. Fast and good technical solution at a fair price.

  • By Fendt am 04.05.2022

    Everything top


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