ADDSECURE SolarTracker
ADDSECURE SolarTracker

The AddSecure SolarTracker is a compact and powerful tracking device that is easy to install. It is ideal for tracking and monitoring mobile objects such as containers, trailers and swap bodies. Tracking data is sent at important events such as the start, duration or end of a movement and thanks to the solar element, it is particularly suitable for long deployments of several months.

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Container & mobile Objects
Carrier systems
Light sensor
Battery power alarming
Movement sensor
30 detailed reports as excel/pdf
incl. filing system of reports
Support from 07:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. (on weekdays) local rate or e-mail
Access to a 24-hours emergency teamfee-based
Support data protection (DSGVO and ADV)
Platform & APP
11-language, intuitive CloudPLATFORM
User-specific dashboard
Intuitive APP for iOS and Androidincl. unlimited chat-function
Order management/ConnectedMission©
Address book as a basis for MISSION, POI, etc.
Deliver-Aviso© functionality
Notification by VirtualCallAgent© VCA-Martha
Delivery confirmation with ePOD (electronic proof of delivery)
Interface to over 80 third-party systemsTMS, ERP, Route Planning, etc.
Open interface Rest-APIbased on the standard OpenTelematics.io
Monitoring power supply
Monitoring light sensor
Alarm by e-mail (unlimited)
Alarm by SMS or telephone call (40 per month/device)
Automatic monitoring and reanimation of end devicesActiveDeviceManagement©
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