LOSTnFOUND® Functions Overview

dispositionDisposition: InformationTower©

Information is the be-all and end-all for anyone who has to plan moving goods such as construction machinery, containers or goods carriers in general.

With the InformationTower you can individually import and group your customer addresses (POI) according to your needs or integrate individual customers (ContractorAPP©). The InformationTower is multilingual and can be adapted to your own needs at the click of a mouse. Disposition is possible quasi in real time.


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Five of the advantages from which you can benefit by using LOSTnFOUND® in scheduling:

  • Information is displayed in real time and the convenient search function allows all important details to be retrieved.
  • The information display can be set up according to individual requirements.
  • Points of special interest (POIs) can be imported and displayed according to groups.
  • The display is updated every second and this with a record-breakingly fast screen structure, even with a large number of objects.
  • ContractorAPP© for convenient integration of clients into the InformationTower©

Reporting: TelematicRepository©

Reports are essential for optimizing and increasing the efficiency of your fleet and objects. With our TelematicRepository© you can do this in no time at all.

The collected data allow conclusions to be drawn about capacity utilisation, costs, expenditure and yield and thus form the basis for further planning, but they also point to anomalies in use. With the TelematicRepository© you have a systematic application at your disposal to find patterns, trends or correlations in the collected data sets of mobile goods.


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LOSTnFOUND® reporting provides these five helpful functions, among others:

  • The reports are comprehensive and meaningful.
  • The reports are available in PDF or Excel format.
  • Reports can be generated automatically daily, weekly or monthly.
  • The reports are also available in the TelematicRepository©.
  • The generated reports are automatically forwarded according to the respective settings.

advanced monitoringAlarming: AdvancedMonitoring©

Always be in the picture and be able to react immediately to any form of predefined events or individually set limits:

This makes the alarm function of AdvancedMonitoring© possible. Alarms are sent electronically via e-mail, SMS or system call and can be directly integrated into parallel systems thanks to a standardized interface. According to your needs, the alarm centre informs you about anomalies in the use of your mobile property - in real time!


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In these five ways the monitoring of LOSTnFOUND® effectively informs you:

  • The rules for monitoring are defined individually according to your own wishes.
  • Notifications and alarms are sent via e-mail.
  • Notifications and alarms can also be sent via SMS.
  • It is also possible to transmit notifications and alarms via automated calls.
  • In addition, the system has a standardized interface through which notifications and alarms can be sent.

AuftragsmanagementResource Management: ConnectedMission©

With SimplifiedResourceManagement and ConnectedMission©, your resources, i.e. mobile objects and resources, can be assigned to individual employees or projects. In addition, the ConnectedMission© with the objects planned in this way can also be used as a basis for the exchange of order information, images and documents.

These orders can then be further processed by the corresponding assigned employees with the smartphone and the corresponding statuses documented. Completed orders can then be sent to the head office mobile with scan information, image documentation or a signature. Of course, the ConnectedMission also functions via a license-free interface, which enables data exchange with upstream and downstream systems.


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  • The head office is informed where employees and vehicles are located.
  • ConnectedMission© reduces errors in the transmission of information.
  • Queries are avoided because data is available clearly and concisely.
  • The system has an integrated document management.
  • Services rendered are verifiable at all times and can be billed directly.

TemperaturüberwachungCold chain: ConnectedTemperature©

If temperature-sensitive goods are stored or transported, stable temperatures must be ensured, but it must also be possible to verify and document them.

The permanent temperature control of the transported or stored goods is now very easy with the unique ConnectedTemperature©. Temperature limit values can be set individually and the immediate alarm can be used to react in a targeted manner. The comprehensive reporting system enables temperature verification at the touch of a button and thus also fulfils important criteria of Good Distribution Practice (GDP).

Also, upstream systems can transmit alarm values directly via the license-free interface, and downstream systems can also be supplied with the corresponding temperature values via the same interface. Exactly: ConnectedTemperature!

The five central features of ConnectedTemperature© are:

  • The system can be easily retrofitted.
  • The application possibilities are virtually unlimited.
  • Alarm messages and notifications can be freely configured according to your own needs.
  • Reports provide comprehensive information.
  • ConnectedTemperature© has a standardized interface so that data can be easily transferred to other systems.

fahrtenbuchMovement log: Logbook

An electronic motion and usage protocol for virtually all needs: It provides the necessary data about the utilization of your mobile goods.

In addition, the selected reports are a useful basis for improving profitability by giving you complete visibility and insight into the use of your property.

The LOSTnFOUND® Logbook brings above all these five practical advantages:

  • Particularly simple and intuitive handling
  • Optional comprehensive or reduced usage protocol
  • The privacy of selected objects can be protected if desired.
  • Cost-efficient to use
  • All requirements of the DSGVO are observed.

smartmodetrackingObject management: SmartModeTracking©

The intelligent way of collecting and transmitting data is made possible by the unique SmartModeTracking©. Object data is thus transmitted dynamically.

On the one hand, this means that the transmission only takes place when the object is in motion. On the other hand, predefined time intervals can be set. The configuration of these values is simple. The result is a resource-saving, highly efficient and transparent transmission of the collected and recorded data.

These are five very useful features of the unique SmartModeTracking©.

  • Data transmission is reduced to relevant data
  • Consequently, SmartModeTracking optimizes and extends battery life
  • Customized settings for your user profile
  • Easy settings and configuration
  • Integrated in the AdvancedMonitoring© function

active DeviceQuality: ActiveDeviceManagement©

The terminals are monitored 24/7, even when not in use. Artificial intelligence constantly checks the devices individually, makes independent diagnoses (SelfCheckUp, HeartBeat) and initiates any necessary immediate measures for the immediate resuscitation of the end devices (WatchList, AutoReboot).

But even in the event that this self-optimization is unsuccessful, the system immediately starts direct communication with the responsible person and transmits corresponding system messages by SMS, e-mail or system call.

These are five very useful features of the unique AdvancedDeviceManagement©:

  • Permanent monitoring of the end devices and
  • consequently, the highest possible data quality
  • Highly complex algorithm for self-optimization of devices based on artificial intelligence
  • Fully autonomous management
  • Can be integrated into the AdvancedMonitoring© function

multinetworkData Transmission: MultiNetworkSet©

fleet.tech/LOSTnFOUND's unique MultiNetworkSet© method guarantees connectivity with the best possible network coverage.

Thanks to the multiple redundant GSM network, in the event of a provider's failure, the system immediately switches to alternative networks from the region. This means maximum safety and minimum loss of time in the event of an alarm. The MultiNetworkSet© also means roaming at no extra cost. Worldwide! Our redundant system - the multiple transmission of transmission protocols - also offers the greatest possible data integrity for devices that operate in LPWAN networks (Sigfox, LoR, NB-IoT).

These are five very useful features of the unique MultiNetworkSet©:

  • Best possible GSM network coverage by using several network providers available in the region
  • High data security even with LPWAN networks due to consistent repetition of data transfer
  • Continuous roaming at no extra cost across all technologies
  • 24/7 operation center with active data monitoring
  • Own APN network infrastructure (Registered Network Provider)

Interface: OpenTelematics

Today, data transmission and processing in electronic systems is as diverse as it is different.

As a founding member of the European telematics association OpenTelematics, LOSTnFOUND offers a license-free standard interface for simple and problem-free communication between the individual systems. Telematics data is collected, merged and integrated in the simplest way possible thanks to compatibility with an ever-growing number of leading industry solutions.


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Thanks in particular to these five features, interfaces enrich scheduling:

  • Upstream or downstream systems can be easily integrated and connected.
  • The telematics data becomes even more meaningful through further system data.
  • The standardized interface OpenTelematics.io is used.
  • The standard interface is compatible with hundreds of EDP systems.
  • Investment security thanks to the high degree of distribution
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