Monitoring for machines

Preventive maintenance limits inefficiencies, improves the work process and saves money. Gain full transparency with the unique, manufacturer-independent GPS/Hybrid Positioning for machines. Track each generator's location and hours of operation to plan for timely maintenance. Battery voltage level monitoring to ensure proper starting capabilities: With our award-winning solution, you'll improve operational efficiency and always know when to service your machines. With SimplifiedResourceManagement, your machines can be assigned to individual projects and actively located.

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Josef Meibeck GmbH on 07.03.2024
Super systems

We highly recommend LOSTnFOUND. We have several devices in use and are very satisfied with the customer service and the devices from LOSTnFOUND. The support is also fast and simply excellent.

L. Gasser & Co. AG on 28.02.2024
Rating of L. Gasser & Co.

Very competent advice, very satisfied

Autohaus Meier on 25.01.2024
Great communication

Great communication

Franco on 11.01.2024

Very happy with everything

Bäckerei Hamma on 09.01.2024
Bakery Hamma

Everything worked perfectly without complications.

F. Stöckli on 22.12.2023
Felix Stöckli 

Thanks for the great support!

Eugen on 22.12.2023
DeGa Auto Company
MSG Krandienst GmbH on 11.12.2023

Very satisfied as always!

MSG Krandienst GmbH on 22.11.2023

Always fast & reliable.

SFR on 25.10.2023
Top company with excellent customer service

I can recommend Fleet Tech as a very good partner in the area of customised fleet management. The automated reports fit our internal needs perfectly.

Martin Steiner on 18.10.2023

Very simple and speedy

Probst Maveg Spazialbau on 13.09.2023
Pileus for construction machinery rental fleet

We use the Pileus product from LostnFound for our construction machinery rental fleet. This allows us to determine at any time where our machines are and whether they are currently being used by the customer. This gives us the necessary security we need for the exact billing of the rental costs and in the event of any malfunctions we know immediately where the machine is.
From our point of view, the sales and support of the customer service is very well organised and competent. As one of the largest construction machinery dealers, we install our LostnFound machines ourselves and can also count on the competent advice of the customer service.
We are completely satisfied and well looked after.

Zerzuben Toursitik AG on 08.09.2023
Great product

We have equipped the entire car fleet with this system.
It works perfectly and we always know where our cars are travelling.
This means we don’t have to disturb our drivers on the phone during the journey and they can concentrate fully on the road.
I can only recommend LnF.

VR Minibaggerarbeiten und Vermietung on 01.09.2023
Very good service

We have several devices in use and are very satisfied with the customer service and the tracking devices from LOSTnFOUND. Highly recommended, keep up the good work!

Sabine on 31.08.2023
Purchase of device and contract

everything went smoothly

Alex on 29.08.2023
Everything top

Great equipment and fast and uncomplicated service.

Frank Schillo (Der Eilbote GmbH) on 25.08.2023
A strong and innovative partner

The search for a reliable and innovative telematics manufacturer has come to an end – thanks to LOSTnFound. As an avid user of their products and services, I would like to share my experience and highlight why LOSTnFound is undoubtedly one of the pioneers in the telematics industry.
From the moment I visited LOSTnFound’s website (https://iot.lostnfound.com), I was impressed by their professional approach and clear commitment to providing outstanding telematics solutions. The website itself is well designed and easy to navigate, which is a reflection of their ease of use and focus on a smooth customer experience. What really sets LOSTnFound apart is their impressive range of telematics solutions, covering a wide range of industries and use cases. From vehicle tracking and fleet management to warehouse tracking and asset monitoring, they offer bespoke solutions tailored to the individual needs of their customers. Their ability to adapt so flexibly to different requirements is remarkable and reflects their deep industry knowledge.
But what really sets LOSTnFound apart is their exceptional customer focus. They are always interested in implementing personal wishes wherever possible and always have an open ear for new ideas.
This attitude shows that they are not just fixated on their own solutions, but are genuinely interested in the individual requirements of their customers. The ability to work with a team that is willing to make bespoke adjustments to meet needs is invaluable in today’s business world.
Another notable aspect of LOSTnFound is their focus on innovative technologies. It is clear from their website that they utilise advanced approaches such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics to deliver high quality and accurate information to their clients. This shows their commitment to staying on the cutting edge of technology and providing the best solutions to their customers.
Overall, I can wholeheartedly recommend LOSTnFound. Their combination of industry-leading technology, customised solutions and a sincere customer focus makes them a standout player in the telematics industry. Visit their website to learn more about their offerings and how they can support your business.

Marcus F. on 24.07.2023
Everything top

Good advice and service

MSG Krandienst GmbH on 17.07.2023

We currently have over 100 units in use. Service and support are excellent. Keep it up!

FERN Sec on 23.06.2023
fleet.tech ARCUS

👍 Keep up the good work!

BCT Berlin City Tour GmbH on 27.05.2023
CitySightseeing Berlin

very, very good, highly recommended

MSG on 22.05.2023
Reliable partner

LostnFound’s technical solutions and advice are excellent and can be recommended without reservation. We operate over 100 devices and are very satisfied.

L.Enes on 03.05.2023
Highly recommended!

I am very satisfied with the service of LOSTnFOUND and can only recommend it.

Kerstin Sch. on 03.05.2023
New order

My order was processed super fast.

By Braun AG on 11.04.2023
Perfect track and trace system for safety and efficiency

We have been using Lost and Found’s track and trace system for several years and we are delighted with its reliability and efficiency. The intuitive user interface allows us to track multiple deliveries and vehicles simultaneously and the real-time updates keep us up to date.
The accuracy and reliability are impressive and we have had very few issues with incorrect data or lost deliveries. Lost and Found is constantly improving their technology, which increases our confidence in their services.
Customer service is excellent, and the support team is always available to resolve any questions or concerns. Their expertise and friendliness make them very pleasant to work with.
Overall, we are happy to recommend Lost and Found’s tracking system. It has made our workflows more efficient and also provided a high level of security and control over deliveries. Lost and Found is the right choice of GPS-based tracking system for us.

By Hans Schramm GmbH & Co.KG - München on 05.04.2023
Everything works – quickly and smoothly!

We have been working with Lostnfound for 10 years without any complaints. All the necessary evaluations are there and easy to select. Technical errors are corrected quickly and promptly.

By Christof on 05.04.2023
Reliable devices

We have been using the devices from Lost n Found for many years, they work reliably and the price-performance ratio is right for us.

By TMR on 04.04.2023

Very practical to use. Fast customer service.

By A. Gieß on 24.03.2023
No reason to complain.

Everything is perfectly monitored.

By Christoph S. von Bucher Travel Inc. on 22.03.2023
Solid system with a first-class service

We have been using Fleet.tech on all our vehicles for a good 2 years and have been very well advised from the very first moment. The system provides us with all the information we need at a very good price-performance ratio. LOSTnFOUND is also always interested in further development and gratefully accepts input for coaches, for example. The support is also always very helpful in case of difficulties or when introducing new tools. We are very satisfied with the solutions from LOSTnFOUND!

By Geiger GmbH & Co. KG on 22.03.2023
Customer service

The customer service is very customer-oriented and there are quick solutions to questions. The team is also very friendly.

By Buser Transporte Ag on 22.03.2023
Very good service and customer-oriented

We are a medium-sized haulage company and use about 50 devices from Lost N Found. We have been very satisfied for several years and we also receive good advice on minor issues. New equipment is delivered quickly and the in-house installation service is also highly recommended. All in all, we feel well taken care of.

By R. Hug on 16.03.2023
Customer service

We are more than satisfied with their super fast service. Suggestions that are exactly tailored for our business. Bravo

By Dani Fuhrpark on 16.03.2023
Great customer service

We also use the starter set for our car fleet and are completely satisfied with it.

By Herren on 07.03.2023
Customer-friendly and solution-oriented

Super customer service which is responsive to wishes and concerns. Looking for solutions and not problems!

By MSG on 23.02.2023
LostnFound MSG Krandienst GmbH 

LostnFound’s technical solutions and advice are excellent and can be recommended without reservation. We operate over 100 units and are very satisfied.

By Wallid Daibes on 03.02.2023
Customer service

Top customer service!

By Steinbock on 19.01.2023
Good service

Any problems that arise are dealt with promptly and competently. Friendly service.

By Steinit AG on 19.01.2023
Flawless service

We are very satisfied with LOSTnFOUND as a partner. The service is impeccable and we feel we are in good hands.

By TES-AMM Central Europe GmbH on 16.01.2023

Technically simple solution. Fast processing.

By MSG Krandienst on 16.11.2022

As always very satisfied, top devices.

By Brunner on 22.09.2022
Very clear

The transmitters have worked flawlessly for years and the overview is also very well solved.

By Brunner on 22.09.2022
Very clear

The channels have been working perfectly for years and the overview is also very well solved.

By EP Transporte on 05.09.2022
Lost n Found

Works great, super service!

By MSG on 25.08.2022

LostnFound’s technical solutions and advice are excellent and can be recommended without reservation. We operate over 100 devices and are very satisfied.

By ABS Solution GmbH on 16.08.2022

We are very satisfied with the Lost n Found tracking system. The service and help is great!

By Sabine on 10.08.2022
Super Ortung

Our company has been using LOSTnFOUND devices for over 10 years. We are very satisfied with them and have also currently decided to buy another device. Now there are 16 pieces in the number, which are used in vehicles and technology. Fast access to PC and cell phone. The evaluation is simple and transparent.

By Michael Hartmann on 03.08.2022
Evaluation LostnFound

PILEUSrdl in use

By Containerdienst Niefern GmbH on 03.08.2022
JC Heck

Very helpful. Here the service is right. Even with problems you have a personal contact on the phone who is happy to help.

By MSG on 18.07.2022
 Very reliable provider of tracking devices 

We have over 100 devices in use and are very satisfied.

By F. Bormann on 14.07.2022
 Purchase contract 

A purchase contract was concluded, the devices were sent to me directly, everything without complications.

By Toriello GmbH on 12.07.2022
TOP service und TOP devices

We are very satisfied with the service and with the devices (a total of 7 pieces) , it works without problems. from 10 points we would give smooth 10 points . Continue so…. Greeting from Swabia

By FZTJud on 12.07.2022
 Perfect solution 

We have been looking into tracking our rental car fleet and have reviewed several products. We decided to go with LostnFound because their products meet our needs and they are also available at a fair price. A big thank you to the sales team, who advised us very well and also provided us with test devices.

By STS GmbH on 09.06.2022
LostnFound AG

Very good service provider !!!

By Marc Wolber on 13.05.2022
Very good telematics system 

We use several products from LostnFound for tracking our vehicles. We have over 100 devices in operation. The installation was done within 20 minutes, the setup online was also easy to do. We are very satisfied. Fast and good technical solution at a fair price.

By Fendt on 04.05.2022

Everything top

By Cornelius Willach on 26.04.2022
easy and good tracking

We have in our container pool 32 large containers (value > 1,5T€) the locating with LostnFound is simple and very well possible. Thus we can minimize a loss of these containers.

Von Leitung Personal & Infrastruktur on 12.04.2022
Our experience = 5 stars

From the very first moment an excellent company with top competence, with a great customer service and innovative solutions. Absolutely recommendable.

By BASEFORCE AG on 12.04.2022

Top advice, offers the right solution on its own. Always happy to do business with us!

By Mac on 07.04.2022
Good service

The service and the contact person are very reliable.

By Christoph R. on 30.03.2022
Everything we wanted fulfilled

The solution meets our expectations to a large extent. Problems are dealt with promptly.

By Toggenburger + Co AG, Winterthur on 28.03.2022
Fleet Services Crane and Truck

We are very satisfied with the service, reliability and performance of LostnFound! The equipment works reliably and consistently. The support is fast and efficient

By Kiyanovski on 18.03.2022
DeGa Auto GmbH

Everything Superrrrrrr

By Herren on 08.03.2022
Customer-friendly and solution-oriented

The services of LOSTnFOUND are super, the devices are installed professionally and work perfectly. The tracking works without any problems and is very accurate most of the time. If there are problems, solutions are sought directly and discussed together with the customer.

By Kuchler Jürgen on 17.02.2022

Super system, great support team, everything is fine.

By AS Transporte on 15.02.2022
AS Transporte

The best GPS for companies!

Von Toriello GmbH on 10.02.2022
Top service the best equipment on the market

We have several devices in operation, the service is excellent and the LOSTnFOUND devices work without any problems. We can only recommend it.

By Oskar Vogel GmbH on 09.02.2022
Well done!

Very good services for years. LOSTnFOUND offers a tailor-made solution for every situation.

By Vogel on 19.01.2022

Outstanding tracking system, easy to use and fast evaluations. Thank you very much.

By Daniel Leitung Produktion on 14.01.2022
Replacement device

Smooth and very friendly support. Thank you very much

By MSG on 03.01.2022

As always, top service.

By August Burk Spedition on 23.11.2021
uncomplicated installation, clear route tracking

We like the telematics solution from Lost n Found because of the simple installation and the clear route tracking. This makes it much easier for us to evaluate the vehicles and avoids annoying telephone queries to the drivers, reducing them to important calls. We have been very satisfied for years!

By happy customer on 13.10.2021
Good machine Friendly customer service

The set-up in the portal is very clear and intuitive. Many options available.

By MSG on 30.09.2021
Lost and Found Evaluation

Very good service and excellent equipment. 5 points, keep it up!

By Whirlpool Zentrum Stuttgart on 24.09.2021
Fully justified 5 out of 5 possible stars

We equipped our vehicles with tracking modules from LOSTnFOUND AG in December 2020. The consultation was very comprehensive and informative, all my questions were answered to my complete satisfaction. The offer, the order, the delivery and the after-sales support is innovative and simply outstanding. After the installation of the modules, we were even able to achieve a reduction in our insurance premiums as a bonus. We will continue to equip all future vehicles with the LOSTnFOUND trackers and would like to thank them for their excellent cooperation. We at the Whirlpool Zentrum Stuttgart recommend LOSTnFOUND without reservation. Kind regards EuropeanSpas Trading GmbH Whirlpool Centre Stuttgart

By Fa EGRI Handel Ges.m.b.H. on 21.09.2021
Riemer Robert

Everything uncomplicated and quickly handled

By Fahrlogistik Götze Zschopau on 21.09.2021

We have been working with LOSTnFound AG for several years without any complications. The personal contact person ensures a smooth process and also solves problems immediately.

By Jan Hug Transporte GmbH on 21.09.2021
 Experience with Lenticus 

+ Lenticus devices handy + very easy installation + F4simple, practical operation via PC or smartphone app + very good customer service – Lenticus devices often fail, reset required

By Logistik in XXL GmbH on 21.09.2021
 Service very good 

Hello, can only report positively from Lost n Found. Super service and flexible contract design. Thanks

By Bolligerstoren on 21.09.2021
Good Service 

Very good support and smooth process.

By Sleepy on 21.09.2021
Good Systems 

we can use the system together with a tacho program to read the digital tachos of each vehicle, which saves us a lot of work. Staff very competent.

By Metzger Spedition GmbH on 21.09.2021
 Good telematics service 

We use various products from Lost n Found for tracking our 46 trailers in the forwarding business. Installation was done within 20 minutes, setup online also easy to do. We are very satisfied. Fast and good technical solution at a fair price.

By Robi Betschart on 21.09.2021

Very good feedback in the system, almost to the minute, also the location search is perfect.

By Saxer Christian on 21.09.2021
 Always top 

The portal and the products of LOSTnFOUND are to recommend. If you have any problem, you will be helped shortly through the support and the problem will be solved. Also always very nice customer contact. Thank you, always gladly again.

By Philipp on 21.09.2021
 Works perfectly 

The products of LOSTnFOUND/fleet.tech work perfectly. Truck data can be accessed at any time in the portal. Such as: – Driving speeds – location – cooling temperatures – breaks.

By Föckersperger on 21.09.2021
 TOP technology – highly recommended! 

Fast and super service! Technology works top! – really recommendable

By Anton Bachmann AG on 21.09.2021
Service vehicles always at a glance 

Thanks to the GPS devices, we always have an overview of where our service vehicles are and can react quickly to new challenges.

By MSG crane on 21.09.2021
Lost and Found Rating 

Simple procedures, fast and reliable. Greetings MSG

By Christoph R. on 21.09.2021
Lost’nFound – Telematics 

With Lost’nFound’s total solution, we have finally found a system where all our fleet management needs are met in one system in an ingenious way!

By PB AG on 21.09.2021
Good service

Good service and good equipment. Works flawlessly.

From Bosch on 31.05.2021
Construction industry

As a scaffolding company, we use this GPS for various reasons, including the fact that it makes billing much easier. You can see exactly at what time and at what place/construction site the column is currently located. We are very satisfied with the good price/performance ratio.

From Grötsch on 06.05.2021
Everything problem free

Everything is fine, fast processing and great service.

From Sped. Bormann on 04.05.2021
Very practical solution for fleet management

LostnFound offers a very practical solution for fleet management. As a medium-sized business, we use LostnFound on a daily basis to track our vehicles and simplify dispatching. Since switching to the new user interface, we have been very satisfied. Due to our positive experience, we have now decided to also read out the vehicle data via LostnFound. All in all, we are very satisfied with LostnFound’s service.

From M. Röllin on 04.05.2021

Top telematics and tracking solution, reliable and uncomplicated!

From Alfred Bock GmbH on 12.04.2021
Fleet management

Fleet tracking and service by LostnFound staff works great

From Stolz Recycling on 07.04.2021
Super Service

The tracking runs flawlessly, the devices are durable and if there are any problems there is always a hotline that has direct access and gets a timely response. Advice and sales are also very good. We have been using these systems in our company for 10 years.

From Rebafloor Rebaxit AG on 01.04.2021
Thank you

We use it for hours control and site coordination, we are satisfied with the performance and service. Thank you.

From C. Plate on 31.03.2021
Super Service

Always fast and competent processing of orders and queries!

From AZ Armierungen AG on 11.03.2021
AZ Armierungen AG

Very good, clear and easy to use. Price performance very good.

From Containerdienst Niefern GmbH on 08.03.2021
Very good service. Also after Sale.

After years of use, this device has failed. Without any problems the old one was replaced by a new one at a special price. Very good service also after sale

From Starlinestrans on 22.02.2021
Kostic Milan

Very good service, nice people everything perfect

From Daniel Leitung Produktion on 18.02.2021
Replacement device

Thank you very much, the process of replacing the device went perfectly. Thanks a lot

From TES-AMM Central Europe GmbH on 10.02.2021

Very good customer service, competent fast, polite.

From Tina Ranzinger on 10.02.2021
Great service and very friendly and nice employees

Dear Sir or Madam, we are extremely satisfied with the products from Lostnfound. The service is very good and uncomplicated and the employees are very nice and competent.

By PIZ3 on 05.02.2021
Super tracking solution

LostnFound has proven to be a good partner with a very high quality tracking solution. We are thrilled with the stability of the software and the good price/performance ratio. A recommendable solution for any kind of trucking business.

By Logistik Company on 04.02.2021
Very good price-performance ratio

We are absolutely satisfied with the service and performance.

By Christoph Hochstrasser Rentabus.ch on 03.02.2021
Service is a top priority here

I have equipped a fleet of rental cars with these trackers. Works well and the morning mail with the vehicle data is very helpful and thoughtful. The service in case of problems is excellent. They always call back within about two hours and take care of all problems immediately. I have been a customer for 10 years and have always been satisfied.

By Fendt on 01.02.2021
All good

Everything is fine

By C.Elleberger on 26.01.2021
All in view

Always seeing where the vehicles / trailers are makes our work much easier. We always have an overview of the temperatures of the vehicles. The customer service is top!

By Föckersperger on 18.01.2021
Super product

Product is super robust and the functions work flawlessly

By Karl Camenzind on 11.01.2021
Very good system

We can rate the LostnFound system as very good. Also the support is ingenious

By Aznur Autovermietung Berlin on 14.12.2020
Always very helpful

We are a car rental company, use the tracking function and have been customers of LostnFound AG for almost 10 years. Very straightforward portal for businesses, the system is easy to use. The products work long and flawlessly. The support is fast and uncomplicated. We can only recommend the company LostnFound.

By Containerdienst aus Berlin on 11.12.2020
This way we always have all the vehicles on the screen!

We are now working with LOSTnFOUND AG for the fourth year. The LENTICUSlight has been installed in our vehicles up to now. This means we always have an overview of our vehicles and dispatching is a lot of fun. Even if there are difficulties with the reception of the GPS data, the problem is always dealt with promptly and everything is quickly put right. For problem-solving communication, we mainly use email. At this point, direct personal telephone contact would always be more desirable. In summary, we are very satisfied and would like to thank the LOSTnFOUND team for the good cooperation!

By ATTI on 03.12.2020
Alles bestens

Satisfied all around great service

By Alves Services on 17.11.2020
Alves Services

Super service

by Ilias Kapiniaris on 05.11.2020

???? Super

by Vincenzo Di Federico on 30.10.2020
Top solution and support

We can only recommend the company LostnFound AG. 🙂 The telematics solution is continuously adapted to customer requirements and keeps its promises. On the other hand you feel valued as a customer and taken seriously. We will now equip our entire vehicle fleet with your system and look forward to further cooperation.

by MSG on 29.10.2020
Lost and found evaluation

Simple handling, very good and evaluation

by Grötsch on 28.10.2020
All without problems

All details solved quickly and safely.

by MSG on 27.10.2020
Lost and found evaluation

As always Super Service.

by POWER PERSONEN OBJEKT WERKSCHUTZ GMBH Niederlassung Brandenburg on 09.10.2020
Absolutely recommended

For 10 years now we have trusted the products of LOSTnFOUND to protect our employees and the goods of our clients.

by Werner S. on 02.10.2020
Top System

LOSTnFOUND’s telematics is a comfortable and easy to use system with high accuracy. Absolutely recommendable.

by Hess Fahrzeuglogistik GmbH on 02.10.2020
Good price/performance ratio and reliable contacts

We have been using lostnfound for about 2 years and are very satisfied with the products. We use the tracking function and the speedometer download.

by DD Wallisellen on 06.09.2020
Fleet Management

Everything was perfectly done. So far it works perfectly.

by Martin Hüppeler on 03.09.2020
Customised solution

LostnFound convinced me with a solution tailored to our needs. Always friendly and competent.

by Daniel Head of production on 12.08.2020
Replacement device

It is very uncomplicated and pleasant with LOSTnFOUND. We have been a customer for 8 years now and are very satisfied!

From markus on 14.07.2020

Simple, versatile and clear telematics solution!

From Vogel Fensterbauer AG on 13.07.2020
Good company

Very good service, was always promptly served. Devices work perfectly.

From Adorf Buses - Düsseldorf on 06.07.2020
LOSTnFOUND Positioning

We currently only use real-time location and route reports for our bus fleet and are very satisfied with the information available.
With regard to subsequent analysis of operating times and routes, these data are very helpful.
Furthermore, the display and storage of the status ignition on/off is very useful.

By René Weissinger on 18.06.2020
Very satisfied

Good products

By Kevin on 16.06.2020
Super customer support

LOSTnFound stands for good customer support. If a problem arises, we act immediately to find a quick solution!

From Föckersperger on 19.05.2020
highly recommended!

Both the products and the hotline are highly recommended. The evaluation and live-tracking also work TOP

From Andreas on 30.04.2020
All good

As requested

from Kabelpflug on 22.04.2020

fast delivery good and practical equipment reception, location and evaluation very good

from Texsana Region Zürich AG on 21.04.2020
Super Service!

Very competent and fast service.

from R. Staigletto on 16.03.2020
Fast and competent

Super fast and very competent

from Denis BOUQUET on 13.03.2020
simple and efficient solution

easy to install commercial product very reactive good after-sales service

from Anotelko Kvesic Fuhrparkleiter der Frigo - Rent Services GmbH on 12.03.2020
Lost n Found indispensable in the rental of refrigerated vehicles

We, Frigo – Rent Services GmbH, as a pure rental company of refrigerated vehicles from the 2.8 t class up to refrigerated trailers and a 100% subsidiary of the leading refrigerated vehicle manufacturer Lamberet, have been relying for years on the know-how of Lost n Found regarding the location and monitoring of our refrigerated vehicles. The easy handling, the fast installation, the good advice and the technical support as well as the high quality of the hardware are only a few points that convince us daily of the service and the products from Lost n Found and thus lead to a continuous expansion of our partnership. Precision like a “Swiss clockwork”.

from Siedlitzki on 10.03.2020

good and fast!, again with pleasure!

by Ulrich Klesper on 21.02.2020
Very good solution

LostnFound offers a very mature and clear solution. The support is fast and uncomplicated.

from WolberM on 07.02.2020
very good

The technical solutions and advice provided by LostnFound are excellent and can be recommended without reservation. We operate about 90 devices and are very satisfied

from U. Siedlitzki megra ravensburg eG on 30.01.2020
very pleased

A reliable partner for many years.

From Saxer Christian on 28.01.2020
CS TRANS Egerkingen

nice friendly team, you will always be served as soon as possible. Will buy my tracking equipment only here.

From ukeig on 13.01.2020
It worked out perfectly

Everything worked out perfectly. The device will arrive in the next few days. I can’t wait to see what I can do with it.

from ukeigel on 07.01.2020
Good contact. Good entry

I promptly received a positive reply to my mail inquiry. I already know the device. It is a good product.

from SanTecTradeGmbH on 03.01.2020
very good service

uncomplicated and fast customer service.

from Mr. Fleet on 13.12.2019
LostnFound Evaluation

We are generally satisfied with the service. The site survey could be a little more accurate.

from DeGa on 15.11.2019

Everything good, thank you

from Föckersperger on 12.11.2019
TOP product and service

The technical solutions, installation service and advice provided by LostnFound are excellent and can be recommended without reservation.

Von Meibeck on 05.11.2019
Very good service, best product!!

We are very satisfied with Lostnfound!!

Von Ch. Hochstrasser on 24.10.2019
Works perfectly for years

I have been a customer for 10 years and always very satisfied. Also the telephone support is always competent and obliging and always attainable without large waiting.

Von M.Fischer on 20.10.2019
If you want something…

Hello, we have become aware of the offer because we have currently installed a solution that does not completely satisfy us. The previous handling with you is exemplary, although the countless mails from you have filled my mailbox with the reminders. But if you want something, then you have to get stuck in the back! 🙂 To a good cooperation! Greetings M. Fischer

From Adorf Omnibusse - Düsseldorf on 18.10.2019
LOSTnFOUND Positioning

We currently only use real-time location and route reports for our bus fleet and are very satisfied with the information available.
These data are very helpful for subsequent analysis of operating times and routes.
In addition, the display and storage of the ignition on/off status is very useful.

From M.Adam on 15.10.2019
Extremely satisfied

We are a branch of a nationwide acting security service and have been using 2 different types of lostnfound devices for several years for tasks in the monitoring area of vehicle movements and goods flows.
We are extremely satisfied with the use of these devices and the fast location transfer and report sending.
Hereby we are not only given the opportunity to improve the safety of our employees explicitly but also to be able to lead our emergency vehicles and emergency forces to the respective locations as quickly as possible.

From SAS PINHEIRO on 07.10.2019

We recommend, effective and good follow-up

from Stiven on 06.10.2019
All is well

I am very satisfied

From André Otto; GF A&G Stahlverarbeitungs -und vertriebs GmbH on 25.09.2019
Excellent service

We have been a Lost N Found customer for many years and are currently expanding to automatic download of DTCO data.
The processing is professional and uncomplicated.

From Heuel, Matthias on 25.09.2019
safe, fast localisation and destination guidance

My LostnFound devices have been in use for over 1 1/2 years now. No problems in this time. The localizations function perfectly from the PC but also from mobile devices.
Already re-ordered for a new vehicle. TOP service provider

From Rampa courier service on 04.09.2019
Remote download tachograph: Super thing!

Efficient reading of the tachograph and integration into our archiving solution from Tachoeasy. In addition, I now also have an overview of which vehicles cause which diesel costs. Super thing for a small price!

From Libnow on 14.08.2019
My experience with LOSTnFOUND

I have been using the LENTICUSeco system for more than 4 years now and am 100% convinced of it. I have my vehicles in view at all times. Whether in the office or on the way no problem. With this system I could also mobilize my drivers to work more cost-oriented. For me this investment was definitely worthwhile and I can only recommend it to others.

From R.S. on 14.08.2019
Good advice

We were very well advised in the preparation of the offer

from U. Siedlitzki megra ravensburg eG on 02.08.2019
Very satisfied

The cooperation is excellent! Whether in a personal conversation or in online support.

Von Kuchler Jürgen on 15.07.2019
Valuation Lostnfound Fleet.tech

The system is easy to install in the vehicle and clearly displays all functions via the Internet portal. Archiving with Tacho plus also works without problems. A star deduction because of the processing if a device is defective, the processing takes until a new device is delivered simply too long.

Von Anita Mayer, Key Account, BFS Business Fleet Service GmbH on 06.07.2019
Long-term cooperation with continuous further development

The long-standing cooperation has proven itself over many years. LOSTnFOUND is always ready to develop for new requirements and to implement ideas.

Von Two Spice Trading LTD on 03.07.2019
Very satisfied

The temperature monitoring of our vehicles is very important for us, also the real time display of the vehicle location saves us some telephone calls with the drivers and helps us to plan very much.

Von Nat.Transporte Eisenreich on 15.05.2019
Lostn found

Hello we from Nat.Transporte Eisenreich are very satisfied with Lostn found.

From Hänggi on 12.04.2019
Very satisfied

Lost n Found has advised us very competently and the whole process is highly professional.

From Gasser on 09.04.2019
Live tracking with LnF

We have been working with the live tracking of LnF for more than 2 years now – for trucks with tacho data transmission, transport buses (3.5/t) as well as passenger cars (pool vehicles) – and are very satisfied with it. The only thing that would be desirable in the evaluations would be more “user individuality”.

From Murat Atalas on 18.03.2019

Top Service Top Quality Top Consulting Even the manager personally takes care of the customer I can only recommend it*****

By Anita Mayer, Key Account, BFS Business Fleet Service GmbH on 11.03.2019
The best price-performance ratio for many years

We have been using the LOSTnFOUND system in our rental fleet for many years and are still convinced of the price-performance ratio and the flexible, friendly cooperation.

From USi on 07.03.2019

That’s an excellent fit!

From U. Siedlitzki megra ravensburg eG on 27.02.2019
Tracking in our vehicle fleet

We have been using geo and driving data in our fleet for many years and are very satisfied with it. Recently we have extended the tracking on different vehicles. We read the DTCO data directly into our system. This saves a lot of time compared to reading via DLK. And we also recently started reading out the temperature data and documenting them with this system. Simply good!

From Aubec CarParts, Lennestadt on 26.02.2019
Aubec CarParts,

Great product, very good and friendly service. Works great. We are very satisfied.

From FeHo on 20.02.2019
lost discovery

good handling, easy handling, everything very satisfactory

From Muhammed Vilic, SVT Logistik AG on 04.02.2019
Probably the best tracking service provider in Switzerland

As a transport company I can warmly recommend LOSTnFOUND AG. The decision to switch from the system of our vehicle supplier to LOSTnFOUND AG was relatively easy, among other things because of the extremely friendly support. As a customer you feel valued and taken seriously. We switch all vehicles to your system and can thus check and track the hours of our employees, the fuel purchases as well as the live status of the vehicles. We are looking forward to further cooperation.

From NVAG Logistik GmbH on 30.01.2019
!! Super service!

Very competent and nice service staff! An exchange of hardware ran 100% to our satisfaction I would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable telematics solution.

By Haldemann Matthias on 16.01.2019

Speditive processing

From Föckersperger on 14.01.2019
very good

we can only recommend the support as well as the portal and the function of the lostnfound devices! TOP!

From eel on 16.09.2018
Alves Services Ltd.

super service and reliable

By Anita Mayer, Key Account, BFS Business Fleet Service GmbH on 20.08.2018
Years of great cooperation

We have been using the LOSTnFOUND devices in our vehicle fleet for many years and are still completely satisfied with the products and the service.

By Thomas Lückerath on 20.07.2018
Low-priced and good

We have been using LostnFound for years and are very satisfied. Super service, nice staff. Installation quite simple…. We can only recommend LostnFound to others.

From Jada installations on 18.07.2018
Read driving and resting times – we are absolutely convinced!

As a provider of installation services, we use fleet.tech for time billing and reading out the tachograph. The introduction worked smoothly after we stopped the exercise with another provider before. Conclusion: Top functionality – top customer service – and yes, the price is absolutely fine!

From Rastmeyer Transport Services on 09.06.2018
Effortless reading of the tachograph

We use the solutions of LnF / fleet.tech to read the tachographs of our 30 trucks. It is absolutely problem-free and saves us several hours of effort per month for our 30 trucks. Top service and price! Thank you!

From NTPK Umweltservice GmbH on 01.06.2018
Everything’s great!

Everything works well super!

By Ralf Stadler on 26.11.2017
Very good supplier

We have been a customer of LOSTnFOUND for several years and can absolutely recommend the products as well as the service!

By Franz Aichinger on 14.10.2017
Top supplier

I have been using 7 devices in my taxis for 4 years and I am very satisfied with the possibilities and the simplicity of the system. With the service I had so far only contact when I ordered further devices, the coworkers are very competent and settled my requests always very fast.

From E.L. on 06.10.2017
customer service

I was very satisfied with the customer service. The employee was very competent and friendly. He removed it from the old Renault car and reinstalled and tested it in the new car within a short time. Then he made some adjustments and explained them to me. One day later he called me and changed the settings according to my wishes. I praise such employees. Man should pay you for this service then also accordingly.

From Trampa Insulations on 27.06.2017
Very good solution

We have been using LOSTnFOUND for more than a year with our 14 sprinters. Especially the app for the smartphone is very good. We are happy to recommend it!

By Steffi Mehle on 19.06.2017
Super simple! We have 11 vehicles!

We have 11 vehicles with the remote reading of the tachograph at lostnfound. The whole thing is really a super fine thing and saves us enormous time! Great company!

From GGG-GmbH on 31.05.2017
Good thing!

We use the system of “LOSTnFOUND” in our company vehicles. Apart from small interruptions due to radio interference, these work perfectly and fulfil their job.

By Mathias H. on 21.05.2017
Best and self-explanatory telematics system

We have been using LostnFound in our company for two years. The simple installation and the simple operation convince us. An app for your smartphone rounds the whole thing off.

From Pieczkowski GmbH on 19.05.2017
Everything as it should be

We have been a Lost&Found customer for some time now. At the beginning we had equipped 2 vehicles with GPS as a test. In the meantime we have equipped our whole fleet (11 vehicles) with it and communicate this openly. The service and support are excellent. Also the provided App (iOS) is simple and does exactly what it is supposed to do. As a handicraft company it is not standard, but if customers call us in the morning and ask where our fitters are, we can give them precise information. This also goes down very well with our customers and is very professional! All in all a round thing and very recommendable.

By Tom on 18.05.2017
Lost n Found works very well

The Lost n Found tracking device works very well, I am satisfied, I hope with the abolition of the EU roaming fees from summer 2017, that the fees decrease a little.

By Heinz Götz on 12.03.2017
We are thrilled!

We use LOSTnFOUND for our 35 trucks and are delighted with both the price and the service! Until four months ago we were with a competitor and paid more for poorer performance.

By Rainer on 31.12.2016
Telematics simply top!

Thanks to LostnFound for the great offer and the top service!

From ABC Transporte Kom. on 13.12.2016
Very satisfied!

We have been using LnF telematics since the beginning of 2016 and are very satisfied.

From company Hennchen on 14.11.2016
Top! We are very satisfied!

We are very satisfied with the service and the system. Fast delivery and installation according to your wishes. Super! From MTN services

From MTN-Dienstleistungen GmbH on 09.11.2016
Good in price and performance

I have some devices from LnF and must say it works perfectly. The staff are nice and the price is okay. For this reason I have also passed these devices on to acquaintances. Keep up the good work!

By Stefan Prantl on 07.09.2016
Very, very satisfied!

We use the temperature solution of LOSTnFOUND and can recommend this supplier very much: Top product! Top prices! Top customer service!

From Kohlhepp Logistik GmbH on 31.08.2016
Everything top

We are very satisfied with the choice of LostnFound, there are no complaints so far!

From Pars on 31.08.2016
M. Yazdanfar

Everything worked out fine.

From Laabs on 09.06.2016

Everything’s okay! Super

From Das GrÜnwerk Your tree care specialist on 04.05.2016
Everything is fine!

Everything is fine!

From Gürmann Leitungsbau on 30.04.2016
Nothing to complain about

LOSTnFOUND offers a very good service! Very friendly staff! Quick answers and this at a fair price.

Von Joachim - Transport services on 24.04.2016
Communication with the head office

use LostnFound to communicate with the head office which works great. Much better than before when we always had to call and nobody was reachable.

From Sissi on 02.03.2016
Service is right

Are a long-time customer of LostnFound and very satisfied.

By Thomas Bleicher, master tiler on 17.02.2016

Price-performance and service absolutely recommendable. Very fast handling. Very easy operation of the software.

From Bada small transports on 17.02.2016
Perfect solution!

We are very satisfied with the solution and can highly recommend lostnfound. Very likeable company.

By A. Gieß on 17.02.2016
Lenticus light

We are completely satisfied with the Lenticus light, it works perfectly.

From Blessing refrigerated transports on 21.01.2016
We are thrilled!

We use the LOSTnFOUND telematics with radio temperature monitoring and are absolutely thrilled. The cost/benefit ratio is perfect!

From Hansen on 19.01.2016
Works exactly according to my ideas

Excellent hardware and software. My requirements were fulfilled and it works very reliably.

By Dirk Mahl on 04.01.2016
Everything flawless

Our 30 trucks are equipped with LnF’s green boxes. Everything very reliable and nothing to complain about.

From Bracher Service GmbH on 02.01.2016
Very reliable supplier!

We have been with LOSTnFOUND for more than a year and are very satisfied with the service.

From Hansen on 27.10.2015
Top customer service, customer portal and value for money

I have recently become a customer and am very satisfied with the overall package. The online portal is clear, easy to use and offers numerous possibilities. All my requirements have already been implemented. Also the communication runs absolutely smoothly, I can only recommend this product, I did not find anything comparable to the price. Best regards

From Leon Marbach Transports on 27.10.2015
Very satisfied

Everything super!

From Real Estate Service Smitz on 27.10.2015
Everything top and very recommendable !

As a provider in real estate service, we use LOSTnFOUND for time accounting and the allocation of tasks to our employees (Mission-App). We are very satisfied and can highly recommend LOSTnFOUND!

From mmm on 27.10.2015
TOP History

easy to use

By Andras P. on 12.10.2015
No complaints

I can follow very well where our vehicles are positioned and that’s exactly what I wanted! The registration is unproblematic and my drivers can now sleep in and do not have to be woken up by our dispo to find out their location.

From SGS-GmbH heavy duty service on 11.10.2015
Simplest application

We have now installed the LostnFound solution in all our vehicles and appreciate the ease of use.

From xxx on 31.08.2015

Good service

From a bus company on 20.08.2015
Works perfectly

In use for several months now, and no problems.

From "Hänsel & Gretel" on 19.08.2015

very good ! by Gerhard König Heizungsbau GmbH

By Gerhard König Heizungsbau GmbH on 17.07.2015
Very good!

LOSTnFOUND is a reliable partner in the field of vehicle location. We are very satisfied.

From Jada Installationen GmbH on 02.07.2015
That’s how it should be!

As an installation company we use LOSTnFOUND as a telematics system for monitoring our mixed fleet of 18 vehicles. We would like to particularly emphasize the APP MISSION, which allows our service technicians to directly record work performance, photos and signatures of the customer on a mobile basis. Great provider!

From SVG GbR on 30.06.2015
Very accurate

Precise billing possible.

From CLARO MOBIL GmbH & Co. KG on 30.06.2015
Good cooperation with LOSTnFOUND

LOSTnFOUND is a reliable partner in the field of vehicle location. They provide a stable and reliable GPS system. Especially the APP available for smartphones convinced us.

From finder on 27.06.2015

everything super

From Karsten on 17.06.2015
Super Price Performance

I have recently started working with LOSTnFOUND. It is a very good cooperation. The support is easily available during business hours and very helpful. Can only give positive information so far.

From company Schlagenhauf tec Ellwangen on 12.06.2015
Rating Lost n found

We are very satisfied with the system. Works reliably. Price Performance is ok.

Von Wegmüller AG, export packaging on 12.06.2015
The small device reveals secrets

We are enthusiastic about the performance of the small Nimbo device. It reliably sends the position during our worldwide transport monitoring operations. So we can tell our customers in real time where the shipment is located. This is an important addition for us as a packaging and shipping partner.

By Stefan Rampa on 10.06.2015
Highly recommended!

We use LOSTNFOUND as a telematics provider, after we had already equipped our 21 vehicles with a regional provider in the past. Price performance is really much better at LNF and the contact with the employees is always very relaxed.

From S.E.M. on 10.06.2015


From Schmid Spedition GmbH & Co. KG, 92721 Störnstein on 10.06.2015
Very good ratio of performance to price

We are very satisfied with your product. Above all, the quick and extremely polite reaction of the service team to any problems is noticeable.

Von Pieczkowski GmbH from Meckenheim - your partner for floor technology - www.pieczkowski-gmbh.de on 30.05.2015
Swiss precision

After comparing various suppliers, we finally decided on the Swiss company “Lost&Found”. Already at the first contact we were provided with a free rental device. After the installation we got a personal briefing and all our questions were answered competently. By the way, the hardware itself is also very well processed! The implementation of the tracking application on the web was also very successful. The crowning glory is an iOS-App, which is easy to use and above all works very fast and error-free! In the end, this was also the decisive point, especially in comparison to other providers. And even when we found a small bug, where was it fixed in a very short time and we were informed about the fix? TOP! WE ARE CURRENTLY SETTING Currently we, a small crafts enterprise, use 3 devices for locating our assembly vehicles. Soon we will also equip the remaining vehicles with them.

From ABC Courier Service on 27.05.2015
Fuel monitoring

The lostnfound system is used by us against diesel theft. We have been using this system for eight months now and have already been able to reduce costs by several thousand euros. Thank you Lostnfound!

By Ralf, taxi operator on 27.05.2015
Good system, but too slow.

Actually everything is ok, but for the positioning of my cars the system is too slow. The data is only sent about every minute. With other providers there is the signal every 5 seconds for the same price. I wish myself at least every 10 seconds a signal and at the same price.

From M.Adam on 27.05.2015
Calvus for the safety of our employees

For some years now we have been relying on Lostnfound technology to improve the safety of our employees. At the moment we are working with Calvus and are very satisfied unfortunately not all points are recorded during the route evaluation so that a complete route tracking in the correct time sequence is not possible, also the view jumps with “follow road” with journeys in the proximity of federal highways on these and point thereby another way out. But I think also these problems will be soon no more.

From Energy on 10.05.2015
Very satisfied

Everything works for a reasonable price. Thanks

From Sanitätshaus Maltry on 06.05.2015
Great complete package

Good customer service and great overall package. We will continue to retrofit vehicles.

Von RohrFee GmbH pipe cleaning on 04.05.2015
We should have done this already earlier!

As a medium-sized pipe cleaning company we are on the road with 9 emergency vehicles all over Bavaria. By the Trakking system of Lost ´n Found we could improve the disposition substantially, avoid traffic jams and reduce thereby costs clearly. Had we known how much we would have increased our efficiency, we should have installed the equipment much earlier.

From Ucarkus transports on 22.04.2015
GPS tracking

Super devices very small easy to install top service and price unbeatable

From Falk Saarbrücken on 07.04.2015
Sensible investment

With LostnFound you have the fleet costs quickly under control, you can quickly find an employee who is nearby, you can always see when and how long an employee was at the construction site replaced the driver’s logbook can control all trips with the company vehicle even from your mobile phone with the app

From KECK Nutzfahrzeuge Friedrichshafen GmbH on 07.04.2015

Very good price-performance ratio, simple operation, flexible application and expansion possibilities, optimal vehicle monitoring for our needs.

From megra ravensburg eG on 07.04.2015
simply good!

Technology and support are excellent. Price-performance is right!

From yellow rim on 06.04.2015
Very quick overview

We are very satisfied with the accuracy and speed. The app on the mobile phone is also great.

By Jens Klocke on 06.04.2015
good data, easy handling

LnF provides good fleet data and is nevertheless easy to use.

By Spedition Prantner on 19.03.2015
Vehicle monitoring

The vehicle monitoring at LnF is a great help in the dispo. The current vehicle position is continuously displayed on the PC. Also the evaluation of older data is possible without problems. We would not like to do without this program any more.

Von Mehle Services on 12.03.2015
All in the best!

Are very satisfied with LostNfound!

From bolligerstoren.ch on 11.03.2015

Works, good solution. We always know where our fitters are and can inform our customers.

From BFS The truck rental companies on 11.03.2015
Excellent service and flexible system

Very good price/performance ratio, easy operation of the system, flexible application and expansion options, one contact partner

By Peter Büchel AG on 10.03.2015

Very good system!

By Heiner Rolpmann on 04.03.2015
Very satisfied!

Lostnfound is the supplier of our choice, because the performance at the price is very good. Excellent customer service.

From MTS Meißner TransportService GmbH on 04.03.2015
Pure service readiness

The customer advisory service was already top and assistance also really well at any time the customer is helped and one has many attitude possibilities

From northern lights on 03.03.2015
Simply crisp-fast-very good!

I need a control for our tow-trucks and have received the internet address of LostnFound from another company. The products and services are explained very comprehensibly and clearly… the prices for the respective products are also displayed very transparently. Also for “first offenders” of such electronic driver and vehicle control the different tools and evaluations are presented clearly and understandably. Since I have already tested comparable products, the price-performance ratio here was perfect for me and I placed my order with just a few clicks. Everything went smoothly and as a new customer I was also immediately called by a sales representative who asked if I still had questions etc.. Conclusion: The website is clear and understandable… the customer service and the friendliness of the staff are laudable!

By Sandro Valente on 23.02.2015
Are very satisfied.

Functioned until now without any failures.

By Anita Mayer, FRIGO-RENT Services GmbH on 23.02.2015
Telematics in FRIGO-RENT refrigerated vehicles

FRIGO-RENT is a Germany-wide refrigerated vehicle rental company with approx. 170 vehicles. Since 2014, these have been equipped with the Lost n´ Found Telematik for both vehicle and temperature monitoring. Top functionality and value for money.

By Herbert Stangerl on 22.02.2015
Daily in use

As a company we use LOSTNFOUND’s location and evaluation functions daily for our 14 vehicles. We are very satisfied with the provider, especially as the customer service is very friendly and helpful.

From Andi on 20.02.2015

Hammer products. Good service and courteous staff!

From Mazza on 20.02.2015
Hammer! A cool and courteous!

A cool and really very innovative company with cool ideas and top products. I can recommend it to everyone!

From AKS Autokurier Service, Kloten on 20.02.2015

Since three years we have equipped our fleet with 76 vehicles. As a courier company, it is essential to know exactly where our vehicles are at all times! In addition, unloading times and locations must be checked and proven. Buses are our order of the day and can be assigned thanks to driver recognition. Driving and rest times, driven kilometres and much more from driver and vehicle are printable for months. The automatic, vehicle-specific service notification of each vehicle is an important instrument for the company’s own garage. For our annually driven 6-7 million km an indispensable instrument!

From Kravok drinks on 19.02.2015
Super Service

Everything perfect!

From LIANTI AG on 19.02.2015
Product evaluation

Products and services awarded

From Mahl International Transports on 19.02.2015
We are very satisfied with LnF!

With our 38 trucks we use LnF and evaluate various things such as diesel consumption and driving time. We find the clear app and the access to Timocom very good. And not to forget the top customer service (Rindlisbacher & Co).

By Christian K.. from Oftringen CH on 18.02.2015
Vehicle management with LostnFound support

For about 3 years the 12 vehicles of our company have been on the road with LostnFound devices. Very often the knowledge of the current vehicle position could be used to increase efficiency. The traceability of driven tours has also been very helpful to us several times. The LostnFound service can also be described as exemplary.

From bus operators from Switzerland on 18.02.2015
Simple, uncomplicated and friendly!

LostnFound offers a comprehensive service, and geolocating works perfectly. The app for mobile devices is also clear and quick to use. Very satisfied!

By Sandra Bellili on 18.02.2015
Rating LostnFound

We are very satisfied with the LostnFound equipment. The listings are detailed and help us to always have an exact overview of our vehicles.

By Stefan Pielich, Brawoski Transports on 16.02.2015
We are 100% satisfied!

The telematics of LostnFound is without a flaw and we appreciate the extremely friendly customer service!

From Th. Hürlimann AG Transports on 16.02.2015
Good to very good

Easy handling and high reliability with few failures

From Magdeburger Kühlservice on 11.02.2015
Top product & service!

As a refrigerated transport company in local transport, we need temperature monitoring and fuel consumption in real time. Our former supplier had technical problems again and again and was almost 2x more expensive. We have been a very satisfied customer since August 14. Great Lostnfound team!

From Bada installations on 05.02.2015
Very good supplier

We have been using LostnFound for our 32 service vehicles for six months now and are very satisfied with the product.

From Jochen Mahl on 27.01.2015
We recommend LOSTNFOUND

As a medium-sized transport company we are dependent on a good and affordable service. We have been using LOSTNFOUND for about 1.5 years and are absolutely satisfied with the quality.

From Bracher Service on 27.01.2015
Very good product

We can recommend the product Lostnfound to 100%. We use this for our mixed fleet, including diesel consumption.

From GaLa Low on 20.01.2015
Vehicle monitoring

Have equipped our construction machines. The transmitters are difficult to install and have many incorrect bookings. But otherwise you can rely on them.

From Daron Solar on 15.01.2015
Price performance is TOP!

LNF offers an excellent range of services at good prices

From R&K Service on 15.01.2015
Extensive evaluations

We have been using the provider LOSTnFOUND for a little more than a year and appreciate the very extensive evaluations.

From Tormas Int. Transporte GmbH on 14.01.2015
Super price-performance

We are very satisfied with the service and are constantly expanding it

From Bonrach vehicle service on 14.01.2015
Super Service!

We can the company Lostnfound and the products really only recommend very good products and service!

From Riemensberger International Transports on 13.01.2015
We are very satisfied

We have been using LOSTnFOUND for more than a year and appreciate the very good customer service and the flawless technology.

From Bayrer Achim Faycility Management on 13.01.2015
Top solution

We have been using LNF Telematik for a good 2 years and are very satisfied.

From FILTRATEC on 13.01.2015
successful solution

We use the devices as theft protection and use geo windows at the locations where the devices are located. If the device moves out of the window, we receive a message and can then react.

From Föckersperger on 13.01.2015
TOP quality

Everything works optimally. We are very satisfied with the devices. Reliable and robust!

By Alexander Geiger, F + G Security GmbH on 13.01.2015
Always satisfied

We have had the Lostnfound system for quite some time. We are very satisfied with this system, the customer service is always available and reacts quickly to inquiries. The communication always runs on the short official way.

From Sanitätshaus Maltry on 13.01.2015
Very recommendable

We have equipped part of our fleet with Lost n Found equipment and are very satisfied with it. A good feeling at all times to know where the vehicle and employees are located.

From DeGa on 13.01.2015
DeGa wish you all the best.

Very good.

By Kanitz Service UG on 13.01.2015
Very good provider!

We have been working with LOSTnFOUND for 3 years and are very satisfied with price, performance and quality.

By Private Alpenbrauerei Bürgerbräu Bad Reichenhall on 12.01.2015
Works great

We have been using the GPS_System for 5 years now and it has already brought us a lot. Only the export to Excel still needs some reworking, but otherwise fully satisfied.

From BWP Spedition & Transporte on 12.01.2015
Very good telematics solution

We have equipped our entire fleet with lostnfound and are very satisfied with this provider.

From BTS-GmbH on 11.01.2015

Hardware and software are very good just like the service.

From Nguyen International Transports on 09.01.2015
Impeccable provider

We have been using lostnfound for two years and can absolutely recommend this provider!

From Roemke Service on 09.01.2015
Everything fits!

Simply everything perfect!

From SB Transport on 09.01.2015
Everything in the best way!

Very good price-performance ratio

From Rentabus.ch on 09.01.2015
Exemplary customer service and function

As a van rental company we have 4 units in operation. Everything works excellently and in case of problems the company immediately tries to find a solution (but actually there are no problems at all). The daily mail with the reports for each individual vehicle is super.

From B&B company on 09.01.2015
Ulrich Bodack

Good and inexpensive method for vehicle location.

From freight forwarder August Burk on 06.01.2015
Excellent telematics solution

We have been a customer since 2013 and appreciate the uncomplicated and fast use of the hardware and software.

From Fahrlogistik-Götze Zschopau on 05.01.2015
This is how it should be

The LNF system works as it should. The extensive evaluation possibilities are particularly to be emphasized. Furthermore, the systems are very downtime. With 70 systems currently in use for 3 years, there has only been one failure so far. Price-performance fits perfectly. Thank you Jan Götze

By Volker konkol on 04.01.2015

Good, functional technology with very good price-performance ratio.

From ambienteverde.ch on 04.01.2015
innovative, reliable, inexpensive

We are one of the first users of LOSTnFOUND and are constantly expanding. We think this is a great thing and recommend this service to others.

From Raiffeisen Warendorf eG on 02.01.2015
Everything TOP!!!

TOP vehicle location: have many LKW´s for our sales: e.g. gas, feed, soybean oil and fuels etc.. TOP Support: in case of problems on the phone or by email you will be helped immediately TOP Report creation: you can have different reports created for each vehicle

From Markwort KG on 02.01.2015
Top vehicle location

As a vehicle rental company we use the telematics solution from LOSTnFOUND to monitor our fleet, with routes and position display playing the most important role.

From Lunter Transport on 27.12.2014
Fast response times!

We have decided on Lostnfound at short notice and are so far very satisfied with the cooperation.

From customer on 23.12.2014
Great service!

Fast response times and uncomplicated support handling! Very good price-performance ratio.

By Jonas Boller on 20.12.2014
1A Products

LOSTnFOUND was allowed to supply us after a long test. Our E. the best supplier in the market, also because of the really top support.

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