LOSTnFOUND® VELUMplus & mounting clamp
LOSTnFOUND® VELUMplus & mounting clamp

With the unique VELUMplus and the patented clamp system, mobile goods, lattice boxes or trolleys can now be displayed transparently in operational processes with a previously unknown cost efficiency. This unique end device has a robust and simple mounting clamp which can be attached to grids with a distance of 13-17cm. In addition to the locating functionality, the VELUMplus has configuration variants such as motion, shock and Temperature sensors. As standard, the VELUMplus is equipped with a powerful battery which detects a capacity of over 20,000 events and thus achieves a service life-time of +/- 3 years, depending on the configuration. The VELUMplus was designed for the “Internet of Things” network, which today already offers steadily increasing coverage in most European countries and even worldwide.

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Container & mobile Objects
Carrier systems
Temperature monitoring/alarming
on project basis
Movement sensor
Shock monitoring/alarming
on project basis
Battery power alarming
30 detailed reports as excel/pdf
incl. filing system of reports
Support from 07:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. (on weekdays) local rate or e-mail
Access to a 24-hours emergency teamfee-based
Support data protection (DSGVO and ADV)
Platform & APP
11-language, intuitive CloudPLATFORM
User-specific dashboard
Intuitive APP for iOS and Androidincl. unlimited chat-function
Order management/ConnectedMission©
Address book as a basis for MISSION, POI, etc.
Deliver-Aviso© functionality
Notification by VirtualCallAgent© VCA-Martha
Delivery confirmation with ePOD (electronic proof of delivery)
Interface to over 80 third-party systemsTMS, ERP, Route Planning, etc.
Open interface Rest-APIbased on the standard OpenTelematics.io
Monitoring power supply
Monitoring Temperature/humidity
Monitoring shock
Alarm by e-mail (unlimited)
Alarm by SMS or telephone call (40 per month/device)
Automatic monitoring and reanimation of end devicesActiveDeviceManagement©
Technical Details
HPP©-locating (CellLocate/WiFi-triangulation)
+/- 25m
0G (LP-Network)
Battery life-time
+/- 3 years
Protection class
IP 68
Measurement range Temperature sensor (factory calibrated)
-30°C to +60°C (± 0,5°C)
Number of message redundancies
4 iterations
Operating Temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Dimensions (incl. Klammer)
125 gr
2 years
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